The Journey

The journey has been a long one.  I grew up in a nondenominational Christian missionary family.  When we were in the States we attended a Baptist church.  The Christian teaching and faith I was given was invaluable, but my family was somewhat dysfunctional.  I battled through despair and depression and self hatred.  My experience of church was dry and formal, and I read the Bible, but couldn’t understand it or feel anything.  One day when I was 13 I asked God to help me get unstuck spiritually, and someone lent me a book about a notable charismatic Christian.  When I finished it I cried out for what the book described: the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues, the power of God in my life.

God touched my life in my bedroom as I knelt and cried.  I began to feel the presence of God, and hear him speak to me.  But when I went home, no one understood what I had experienced.  Though the closeness I felt to God waned, the desire to have the gift of speaking in tongues and a full experience of who God is did not.

I received the gift of Speaking in Tongues when I was 30, 17 years later in the Assemblies of God headquarters church in Waterloo, Belgium.  I began to journal prophetically, but I didn’t know what I was doing.  When I returned to the US, again, I didn’t have anyone around me that understood the gifts of the Spirit, or could teach me.  I didn’t know that I needed to be mentored and taught.  I went back to a Baptist church believing that the gifts of the Spirit should be represented in every church.  It wasn’t until several years later that God told me to go to a charismatic church, and I began to receive some teaching, and experienced the healing touch of God in my life.

Ann worship

I was trained in Bible in the Assembly of God church I went to, and in deliverance ministry.  When I had been lied about, “thrown out,” or shunned in the Assembly of God churches God sent me to John Paul Jackson’s, The Bridge, churches.  There I experienced the full freedom of worship and the compassionate teaching on using a prophetic gift.  I attended The Call 2007, and began a Song of Songs relationship with my bridegroom, Jesus Christ. God taught me to dance in his presence.

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