Word for China

There have been many words about North Korea this year.  When I read that North Korea President Kim Jong-un had met with China’s president Xi Jinping,  that he later met with the leaders of South Korea, and later President Trump, I began to pray for these happenings.  It became a prayer and praise theme in our worship group in Shanghai.  Like the Berlin wall coming down in a day, God has done another political miracle that has been a long time coming, and as we watch and pray we will see the full outcome of what He has done.

When I read that Kim Jong-un was opening his country up to receive the gospel, along with humanitarian help, I felt an open door in China as well and I began to pray for it.  That Xi Jinping, who’s administration has been cracking down on the church and  tightening controls here in China, would hear and know the effects of  the Gospel, even through this indirect channel.

I had a vision of a steam of water connecting North Korea, South Korea, and flowing down to Beijing.  Each time I prayed I saw this stream.  As I continue to pray the stream grows larger.  Today I saw it as a wide river, flowing down from the Koreas to Beijing.  Watering the capital city of China.

Revival and intimacy are places we live in at our worship community here in Shanghai.  We pray for revival and salvation for our various countries.  We are an international group.  I pray for Revival for my two countries, the United States, where I have citizenship, and China, where I have residency.  Since I have moved  here, when I pray for revival in China, I see a golden beam of light shining over a copper colored glass high rise building, I believe this symbolizes the glory of God shining on the Chinese communist party.  Lately I have seen a golden light shining from within the building, and fire in it.

I pray for revival in Shanghai, and have seen the fire of God run through the streets of Shanghai in visions as I look out over the city.  This last week God told me to download a desktop image from Crosscards.com with the image of a large city and the words “You’re the God of this City.” I was reluctant to do this, unsure what it meant and the implications, but I downloaded it and it is my computer desktop now.

This morning I prayed and saw the river from Korea to China, and prayed for salvation for Xi jinping.  God has given me a revelation that the gospel will touch his heart and change it.  Many people are praying for him here, as he has gotten the government to do away with presidential term limits, paving the way for himself to become a dictator for life, and as he has cracked down on the church, closing Christian churches in Muslim Xinjiang province and other areas of China.  So I pray for him, that he has a change of heart, that the gospel reaches him and saves him, that he has a revelation of Jesus Christ.

As I prayed I asked God, what will happen with China, if we have a river of life running down to Beijing.  And suddenly I saw a rain of fire down on the cities of China.  Like balls of fire falling from the dark sky they landed on the major cities of China and started permiters, rings of burning fires, around cities.  Yet it was still night.  I saw a rain of fire that fell from the sky and hit Shanghai and continued burning throughout the city, and as a ring of fire about the city.

Revival is coming to China.  Many here are praying for it.  There are houses of prayer here where God’s children are lifting up China continually.  It will start, in a way we consider impossible, at the capital city of Beijing as the news of the transforming Gospel comes through from Korea.  Then it will fall from the sky, coming from the hand of God on the major cities of China, starting revival fires and communities.  A culture of revival will be established in the cities of China, they will burn in the dark and transform the face of China.


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