Plug in Your Assignment

I had a dream this morning.  I was in a foreign city, maybe in Europe.  I had a health concern and a health insurance piece of technology, it looked like a thumb drive. I walked down the street and asked someone where to go.  They directed me to a certain clinic, the best one for me.  I went in and was trying to figure out the system of the insurance number on the object, and my appointment, and the doctor’s schedule.  Other people beside me were talking about their appointments, speaking English.  I was surprised because they all spoke English, and they were all believers.  It was a clinic for believers.

One woman was dressed in dark clothes, she left the clinic without going to her appointment, and I sat down by two other people who were talking.  Everything in the room what white.  The walls were white, the clothing of the people was white, their skin was white, with not color.  The benches in the room were arranged in rows to all look toward the front of the room, and they were made of white pine.  And there were some green plants in the room.

I was looking at the numbers on the thumb drive, or pager, and trying to fit them together with my appointment, and the doctor’s schedule.  I heard the instructions, “You have to plug in your assignment.”  I continued to try to figure out the system as I sat and listened to the two other people, or angels, talking about how they had worked out their appointments with the doctor.

I have to explain here that recently people have begun to call me angel.  It has been a little disturbing to me, but after three separate people who I am in relationship with began to do this, I have accepted it as a word from God.  An angel is one who carries a message from God.

I know this is a word for me, but God consistently gives me words that are for the larger body of Christ.  This is usually confirmed for me by Elijah List emails, the  prophetic words they publish repeat what God has already told me.  So let me say, this is a time of healing, you are waiting, the time to plug in your assignment is now.

You have an assignment to be an angel, to carry a message from God.  You have a number and a calling (the pager), and you are waiting for an appointment for healing (in the doctor’s office).  But to receive your healing, you have to plug in your assignment.  This is not a call to join some big organization or some well known ministry.  This is a call to begin your own ministry, and it will take you plugging in your assignment with those that are called along side you to minister.  They are probably already in your life, they may or may not be in any “ministry” a this time, but they recognize your calling (the people in my life, who are calling me angel).  When you plug in your assignment you will be whole, and ready for the next level in God’s calling for you.

I am in the process of doing this now.  God is working out these circumstances in my life.  I pray for all those in similar circumstances, that your transition goes well, that you have clarity, and the faith, to “plug in”, that you receive wholeness and walk in the calling God has called you for.

“Lord, give us the clarity and the vision to step into relationship with those around us who you have called to partner with us.  Give us the alignment of our assignment and our appointed times, to be healed of what has plagued us in the past, and to step into wholeness and your calling on our lives.  Let us fulfill your calling for us to be ‘Angels’.  In Jesus Name. Amen.”

Blessing the people


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