Rotunda of the White House

Ten years ago when I entered into a life of prayer and fasting for intimacy with Christ and the Kingdom of God to advance, God showed me some prophetic visions of what he had in his heart for America.  Many of these visions are beginning to be fulfilled as the spiritual battle for the soul of the nation goes forward.

One repeated vision he showed me was the White House, shining like the sun, as a temple of God’s presence.  It was a vision of America as the dwelling place of God, and God’s inhabiting the white house.

Another was a rotunda, with eight columns, holding up the circular capitol for the roof.  But the rotunda he showed me had no roof, it was an open heaven.  And God said, there are eight women columns that will hold up the roof of God over the nation.

Recently as I prayed, I saw these two visions become one.  The rotunda is the rotunda of the capital, Washington D.C., and the eight women are the “caryatids” holding up the circular structure that is open to the sky, the open heaven.  I believe it is time for the manifestation of this desire of God for our nation.

So at this time, as we are praying for the nation, as so many petty and large conflicts seem to be taking place.  I want to as intercessors to call forth the eight leading women of the United States of America, that will build an open heaven and hold it up for the nation to enter in to.

I declare the word of the LORD over the United States.  It is a sheep nation.  It is a Christian nation.  It is the dwelling place for the glory of the LORD.  It’s political and spiritual structures are open to the heavens of God, filled with God’s light.  And I call forth the women of God’s structure that will build a spiritual framework and uphold the work of God for this generation to enter into the full knowledge of their God.  Amen.

Ann Rotunda

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