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If you are longing to hear God’s voice more, see into the spiritual realm of God’s Kingdom, and experience the presence of God, Ann Elliott’s devotionals are 30 day initiation and invitation into experiencing the supernatural nature of a relationship with God. Ann’s ministry opens the door to signs and wonders, and initiates participants into spiritual seeing and hearing. Experience worship as you never have before as you delve into the nature of soaking and dance worship. These two devotionals combine Bible verses with the invitation into spiritual intimacy.

Ann Elliott Ministry recently published Ann Elliott’s two 30 day worship devotionals, Dance Worship: 30 Daily Devotionals and Soaking Worship: 30 Daily Devotionals. The two one-month devotional books and Ann’s worship flags and are now distributed by JPL Books and will be available through Christian distributors and bookstores. The ebooks have been published also in formats for Kindle readers and other ebook readers.

Look for the next 30 day devotional on the nature of Prophetic worship, to be published later this year.

You can view Ann’s worship products at jplbooks.com. Ask for them at your favorite bookstore, and add your review to the JPL Books site, to help spread the word about these powerful carriers of the presence of God.

Soaking Worship: 30 Daily Devotionals


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  1. Joshua Saunyama

    Grace and peace from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be upon your life Ann Elliot.
    I was browsing the comments of IHOP under the leadership of Mike Bikle then I came across your comment. I was born and raised in a Muslim family by the name of Mohammed Saeed but while I was reading the book called “The Passion for Jesus” by Mike Bickle I had an encounter with Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God.

  2. Ann Elliott

    It’s good to hear from you Joshua. Many people are praying for the salvation of Muslims, and now healing of the nations during this epidemic. God bless you.

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