What God is doing now

The United States is going through a terrific war for its soul right now, and for the souls of its people, especially its children.  As this is happening, the earth is going through a terrific upheaval, as God “rends the heavens” and comes down to make his enemies to know His Name.  There is the virus pandemic.  There have been multiple earthquakes in the US and other places.  The volcanoes of the “ring of fire” are erupting in a more numerous way than usual.  This also is the earth reacting to the earth changing spiritual things that God is doing now.  Things will be turned upside down.  Nations will make incredible reversals that we would never think would happen in our life times, and God will begin the time to bring in His Harvests.

We have heard the multiple prophecies of the tsunami wave of God that brings his revival.  We’ve heard it called a revival of God’s love.  But we have failed to take into account the tremendous destructive power of a tsunami.  We think of love as soft and kind, but this love of God is destroying the forces of dominion on the earth to set the captives free.  It will destroy many, many things that we think are immovable and indestructible.  The Day of the Lord is a great and terrible day, as described in Joel 2.

As I pray for the nations in the midst of the corona virus epidemic, God talks to me about he changes in nations he is bringing during this time.  On March 17 he told me “This is the time that Israel will turn to my Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.” On March 30 he said, “I will end the wars in the Middle East, and I will end the reign of Islam.”

For years, as I talk to him going through my day, he speaks to me.  As I walk across the bedroom, where there are angels stationed, and think about the next thing I am doing–getting dressed, washing my face–God speaks clear, specific sentences, that he repeats to me, sometimes for a month, sometimes for a year or more.  Several years ago he began to say to me, “I am changing the world, so that it is fit for you.”  This is what God is doing at this time, he is changing the world.  He is bringing nations into alignment with him, he is changing the nature and destiny of nations.  He is making a world that will demonstrate his Kingdom, and will be fit for his Bride.  We can expect to see justice and truth established in nations that have been filled with darkness and lies against God.  We can expect to see the corruption of the systems of this world not just exposed, but cleansed, as nations are turned to Christ.

One thing he has been telling me for more than a year is, “The world is ending.” I have taken this as a good thing, that he is bringing me out of the world and I will be brought fully into him.  And he asks me, “What will you do?” I answer him, “I don’t know Lord, you know. I will just walk with you.  Take me with you.  Please, don’t leave me behind. I could not stand it, if you left me behind,” in whatever he is doing on the earth in this time.  

But this week, these last few days, God has said to me, “I am ending the world. What will you do?”  And I understood it in a totally new say.  He said to me, “The world is ending, as you know it.  What will you do?”  I believe God is asking his people this.  The world as you know it is ending.  What will you do?  Will you grieve for what is ending, or will you rejoice in what he is creating: new nations from old, new national destinies, new demonstrations of His Kingdom.  Will you hold on to the old?  If you do, you will miss seeing, and participating in, what God is creating new on the earth.

What will you do in this time?  Will you watch what God is doing, and rejoice in his great and terrible power to bring justice on the earth, to rescue children from sexual slavery, to turn back nations from mockery of him, to take down dictatorships and raise up his church in power?  Or will you be afraid and turn back and cry out because our God is great, and awe inspiring, and terrible?  It is time to choose, will you stand in the day or judgement, or fall?  Will you move forward as the earth trembles before our God, or run back.   The earth is shaking “as the fire causes water to boil.” More upheaval is coming.  It will be glorious upheaval.  Brace yourself, and rejoice in the Lord, your maker, for (Mark 12:11) “This is the LORD’s doing, and it is wonderful to see.”

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