What God is doing now

The United States is going through a terrific war for its soul right now, and for the souls of its people, especially its children.  As this is happening, the earth is going through a terrific upheaval, as God “rends the heavens” and comes down to make his enemies to know His Name.  There is the virus pandemic.  There have been multiple earthquakes in the US and other places.  The volcanoes of the “ring of fire” are erupting in a more numerous way than usual.  This also is the earth reacting to the earth changing spiritual things that God is doing now.  Things will be turned upside down.  Nations will make incredible reversals that we would never think would happen in our life times, and God will begin the time to bring in His Harvests.

We have heard the multiple prophecies of the tsunami wave of God that brings his revival.  We’ve heard it called a revival of God’s love.  But we have failed to take into account the tremendous destructive power of a tsunami.  We think of love as soft and kind, but this love of God is destroying the forces of dominion on the earth to set the captives free.  It will destroy many, many things that we think are immovable and indestructible.  The Day of the Lord is a great and terrible day, as described in Joel 2.

As I pray for the nations in the midst of the corona virus epidemic, God talks to me about he changes in nations he is bringing during this time.  On March 17 he told me “This is the time that Israel will turn to my Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.” On March 30 he said, “I will end the wars in the Middle East, and I will end the reign of Islam.”

For years, as I talk to him going through my day, he speaks to me.  As I walk across the bedroom, where there are angels stationed, and think about the next thing I am doing–getting dressed, washing my face–God speaks clear, specific sentences, that he repeats to me, sometimes for a month, sometimes for a year or more.  Several years ago he began to say to me, “I am changing the world, so that it is fit for you.”  This is what God is doing at this time, he is changing the world.  He is bringing nations into alignment with him, he is changing the nature and destiny of nations.  He is making a world that will demonstrate his Kingdom, and will be fit for his Bride.  We can expect to see justice and truth established in nations that have been filled with darkness and lies against God.  We can expect to see the corruption of the systems of this world not just exposed, but cleansed, as nations are turned to Christ.

One thing he has been telling me for more than a year is, “The world is ending.” I have taken this as a good thing, that he is bringing me out of the world and I will be brought fully into him.  And he asks me, “What will you do?” I answer him, “I don’t know Lord, you know. I will just walk with you.  Take me with you.  Please, don’t leave me behind. I could not stand it, if you left me behind,” in whatever he is doing on the earth in this time.  

But this week, these last few days, God has said to me, “I am ending the world. What will you do?”  And I understood it in a totally new say.  He said to me, “The world is ending, as you know it.  What will you do?”  I believe God is asking his people this.  The world as you know it is ending.  What will you do?  Will you grieve for what is ending, or will you rejoice in what he is creating: new nations from old, new national destinies, new demonstrations of His Kingdom.  Will you hold on to the old?  If you do, you will miss seeing, and participating in, what God is creating new on the earth.

What will you do in this time?  Will you watch what God is doing, and rejoice in his great and terrible power to bring justice on the earth, to rescue children from sexual slavery, to turn back nations from mockery of him, to take down dictatorships and raise up his church in power?  Or will you be afraid and turn back and cry out because our God is great, and awe inspiring, and terrible?  It is time to choose, will you stand in the day or judgement, or fall?  Will you move forward as the earth trembles before our God, or run back.   The earth is shaking “as the fire causes water to boil.” More upheaval is coming.  It will be glorious upheaval.  Brace yourself, and rejoice in the Lord, your maker, for (Mark 12:11) “This is the LORD’s doing, and it is wonderful to see.”

Breaking Chains

Isa 64:1-3  Oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens, that thou wouldest come down, that the mountains might flow down at thy presence, As when the melting fire burneth, the fire causeth the waters to boil, to make thy name known to thine adversaries, that the nations may tremble at thy presence! When thou didst terrible things which we looked not for, thou camest down, the mountains flowed down at thy presence. 

God has been talking so much to me these days about what he is doing in nations. The international epidemic ties the news of nations together more than ever, as they all react to and effect each other. Yes, these are the days when God is rending the Heavens and coming down to touch the earth.  Great upheaval is happening, as water boiling, and fire consuming.  When God comes down to mighty things on the earth, the forces of the earth shake and convulse, trying to defy the work of God.  But God will have his mighty will done.

God is doing mighty things in this time.  He is using the crisis of the corona virus, and the natural disasters to bring a consciousness of Him that has been lacking in the nations that have traditionally been Christian.  He is causing the nations that have not known him to call on his name for the first time.  He is turning the apostate churches and nations back to him.

With President Trump’s example to the world, we have seen a trend in Presidents and national leaders to acknowledge Jesus as Savior, and lead their nations to God.  I feel enormously proud of Trump and our nation for being a leader in this.  I know it is the work of God, and have first hand experience that this has been the cry of the intercessors for decades. It is such a privilege to see it come to pass in our day.

Now as I pray, I sense that this is just the beginning.  That Trump will come through this present crisis in a tremendously triumphant way.  That while his enemies are waiting to see this health and economic crisis destroy him, in fact it will turn around in a miraculous way, and he will be seen as the President that leads his nation to prosperity, security, and wealth.

And from his example will spring up a network of Christian presidents around the world, claiming the Lord Jesus Christ as savior, and leading their nations in the ways of God.  Trump will become an example of a blessed son of God, walking in the favor of God for acknowledging His Name.  An incredible economic turnaround will happen before the elections that will establish President Trump as a leader in economic wealth and democracy.

And with this international movement of nations to claim the LORD God as their God, will come an incredible breaking of chains around the world.  God will break the chains of nations in Africa that have been mired in poverty and violence.  They will become the stable, established nations that they have been striving to become.  I saw heavy chains that ring the earth snapping and disappearing.

Nations that have been standing against the Lord, in atheism and totalitarian governments, will turn in a seemingly impossible way, and acknowledge the name of the Lord God.  They will begin to tolerate and encourage the growth of the church in their nations.  They will begin to have leaders that publicly claim to be Christian.

Worship Devotionals

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Soaking Worship: 30 Daily Devotionals

From Michigan to Florida

I spent three weeks during the Chinese New Year break in the US, visiting Ariel, my daughter, in Michigan, and going to The Send in Florida.  God did so much in that short time!

The time I spent with my daughter Ariel was precious, visiting, going out, and watching movies at home,  We discussed her coming to teach in China next year, and plans for this year. We had dinner with extended family and caught up with them.

We also had dinner with one of my faithful intercessors and ministry board member and his wife, Les and Barb Calkins.

When I stood in the Sea of Galilee this year I felt God said to me, ” You are commissioned.”  I didn’t realize that it would be at my home church, Jesus Non Denominational Church,  with Pastor Tommy Turner helping me file my 501c3 for Ann Elliott Ministries, and anointing and commissioning me to go out again.When I stood in the Sea of Galilee this year I felt God said to me, ” You are commissioned.”  I didn’t realize that it would be at my home church, Jesus Non Denominational Church,  with Pastor Tommy Turner and the elders, and anointing and commissioning me to go out again.

On my way to The Send in Orlando I visited another intercessor and best friend in Lakeland.  It was such a wonderful time talking and praying. We walked in the sunshine, swam in their community’s pool, and visited churches and the Winter Haven Prayer Room. I connected with people in similar streams as me and worship, pray, and minister.

commisioning0 crop

Rotunda of the White House

Ten years ago when I entered into a life of prayer and fasting for intimacy with Christ and the Kingdom of God to advance, God showed me some prophetic visions of what he had in his heart for America.  Many of these visions are beginning to be fulfilled as the spiritual battle for the soul of the nation goes forward.

One repeated vision he showed me was the White House, shining like the sun, as a temple of God’s presence.  It was a vision of America as the dwelling place of God, and God’s inhabiting the white house.

Another was a rotunda, with eight columns, holding up the circular capitol for the roof.  But the rotunda he showed me had no roof, it was an open heaven.  And God said, there are eight women columns that will hold up the roof of God over the nation.

Recently as I prayed, I saw these two visions become one.  The rotunda is the rotunda of the capital, Washington D.C., and the eight women are the “caryatids” holding up the circular structure that is open to the sky, the open heaven.  I believe it is time for the manifestation of this desire of God for our nation.

So at this time, as we are praying for the nation, as so many petty and large conflicts seem to be taking place.  I want to as intercessors to call forth the eight leading women of the United States of America, that will build an open heaven and hold it up for the nation to enter in to.

I declare the word of the LORD over the United States.  It is a sheep nation.  It is a Christian nation.  It is the dwelling place for the glory of the LORD.  It’s political and spiritual structures are open to the heavens of God, filled with God’s light.  And I call forth the women of God’s structure that will build a spiritual framework and uphold the work of God for this generation to enter into the full knowledge of their God.  Amen.

Ann Rotunda

Plug in Your Assignment

I had a dream this morning.  I was in a foreign city, maybe in Europe.  I had a health concern and a health insurance piece of technology, it looked like a thumb drive. I walked down the street and asked someone where to go.  They directed me to a certain clinic, the best one for me.  I went in and was trying to figure out the system of the insurance number on the object, and my appointment, and the doctor’s schedule.  Other people beside me were talking about their appointments, speaking English.  I was surprised because they all spoke English, and they were all believers.  It was a clinic for believers.

One woman was dressed in dark clothes, she left the clinic without going to her appointment, and I sat down by two other people who were talking.  Everything in the room what white.  The walls were white, the clothing of the people was white, their skin was white, with not color.  The benches in the room were arranged in rows to all look toward the front of the room, and they were made of white pine.  And there were some green plants in the room.

I was looking at the numbers on the thumb drive, or pager, and trying to fit them together with my appointment, and the doctor’s schedule.  I heard the instructions, “You have to plug in your assignment.”  I continued to try to figure out the system as I sat and listened to the two other people, or angels, talking about how they had worked out their appointments with the doctor.

I have to explain here that recently people have begun to call me angel.  It has been a little disturbing to me, but after three separate people who I am in relationship with began to do this, I have accepted it as a word from God.  An angel is one who carries a message from God.

I know this is a word for me, but God consistently gives me words that are for the larger body of Christ.  This is usually confirmed for me by Elijah List emails, the  prophetic words they publish repeat what God has already told me.  So let me say, this is a time of healing, you are waiting, the time to plug in your assignment is now.

You have an assignment to be an angel, to carry a message from God.  You have a number and a calling (the pager), and you are waiting for an appointment for healing (in the doctor’s office).  But to receive your healing, you have to plug in your assignment.  This is not a call to join some big organization or some well known ministry.  This is a call to begin your own ministry, and it will take you plugging in your assignment with those that are called along side you to minister.  They are probably already in your life, they may or may not be in any “ministry” a this time, but they recognize your calling (the people in my life, who are calling me angel).  When you plug in your assignment you will be whole, and ready for the next level in God’s calling for you.

I am in the process of doing this now.  God is working out these circumstances in my life.  I pray for all those in similar circumstances, that your transition goes well, that you have clarity, and the faith, to “plug in”, that you receive wholeness and walk in the calling God has called you for.

“Lord, give us the clarity and the vision to step into relationship with those around us who you have called to partner with us.  Give us the alignment of our assignment and our appointed times, to be healed of what has plagued us in the past, and to step into wholeness and your calling on our lives.  Let us fulfill your calling for us to be ‘Angels’.  In Jesus Name. Amen.”

Blessing the people


Word for China

There have been many words about North Korea this year.  When I read that North Korea President Kim Jong-un had met with China’s president Xi Jinping,  that he later met with the leaders of South Korea, and later President Trump, I began to pray for these happenings.  It became a prayer and praise theme in our worship group in Shanghai.  Like the Berlin wall coming down in a day, God has done another political miracle that has been a long time coming, and as we watch and pray we will see the full outcome of what He has done.

When I read that Kim Jong-un was opening his country up to receive the gospel, along with humanitarian help, I felt an open door in China as well and I began to pray for it.  That Xi Jinping, who’s administration has been cracking down on the church and  tightening controls here in China, would hear and know the effects of  the Gospel, even through this indirect channel.

I had a vision of a steam of water connecting North Korea, South Korea, and flowing down to Beijing.  Each time I prayed I saw this stream.  As I continue to pray the stream grows larger.  Today I saw it as a wide river, flowing down from the Koreas to Beijing.  Watering the capital city of China.

Revival and intimacy are places we live in at our worship community here in Shanghai.  We pray for revival and salvation for our various countries.  We are an international group.  I pray for Revival for my two countries, the United States, where I have citizenship, and China, where I have residency.  Since I have moved  here, when I pray for revival in China, I see a golden beam of light shining over a copper colored glass high rise building, I believe this symbolizes the glory of God shining on the Chinese communist party.  Lately I have seen a golden light shining from within the building, and fire in it.

I pray for revival in Shanghai, and have seen the fire of God run through the streets of Shanghai in visions as I look out over the city.  This last week God told me to download a desktop image from with the image of a large city and the words “You’re the God of this City.” I was reluctant to do this, unsure what it meant and the implications, but I downloaded it and it is my computer desktop now.

This morning I prayed and saw the river from Korea to China, and prayed for salvation for Xi jinping.  God has given me a revelation that the gospel will touch his heart and change it.  Many people are praying for him here, as he has gotten the government to do away with presidential term limits, paving the way for himself to become a dictator for life, and as he has cracked down on the church, closing Christian churches in Muslim Xinjiang province and other areas of China.  So I pray for him, that he has a change of heart, that the gospel reaches him and saves him, that he has a revelation of Jesus Christ.

As I prayed I asked God, what will happen with China, if we have a river of life running down to Beijing.  And suddenly I saw a rain of fire down on the cities of China.  Like balls of fire falling from the dark sky they landed on the major cities of China and started permiters, rings of burning fires, around cities.  Yet it was still night.  I saw a rain of fire that fell from the sky and hit Shanghai and continued burning throughout the city, and as a ring of fire about the city.

Revival is coming to China.  Many here are praying for it.  There are houses of prayer here where God’s children are lifting up China continually.  It will start, in a way we consider impossible, at the capital city of Beijing as the news of the transforming Gospel comes through from Korea.  Then it will fall from the sky, coming from the hand of God on the major cities of China, starting revival fires and communities.  A culture of revival will be established in the cities of China, they will burn in the dark and transform the face of China.


The Journey

The journey has been a long one.  I grew up in a nondenominational Christian missionary family.  When we were in the States we attended a Baptist church.  The Christian teaching and faith I was given was invaluable, but my family was somewhat dysfunctional.  I battled through despair and depression and self hatred.  My experience of church was dry and formal, and I read the Bible, but couldn’t understand it or feel anything.  One day when I was 13 I asked God to help me get unstuck spiritually, and someone lent me a book about a notable charismatic Christian.  When I finished it I cried out for what the book described: the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues, the power of God in my life.

God touched my life in my bedroom as I knelt and cried.  I began to feel the presence of God, and hear him speak to me.  But when I went home, no one understood what I had experienced.  Though the closeness I felt to God waned, the desire to have the gift of speaking in tongues and a full experience of who God is did not.

I received the gift of Speaking in Tongues when I was 30, 17 years later in the Assemblies of God headquarters church in Waterloo, Belgium.  I began to journal prophetically, but I didn’t know what I was doing.  When I returned to the US, again, I didn’t have anyone around me that understood the gifts of the Spirit, or could teach me.  I didn’t know that I needed to be mentored and taught.  I went back to a Baptist church believing that the gifts of the Spirit should be represented in every church.  It wasn’t until several years later that God told me to go to a charismatic church, and I began to receive some teaching, and experienced the healing touch of God in my life.

Ann worship

I was trained in Bible in the Assembly of God church I went to, and in deliverance ministry.  When I had been lied about, “thrown out,” or shunned in the Assembly of God churches God sent me to John Paul Jackson’s, The Bridge, churches.  There I experienced the full freedom of worship and the compassionate teaching on using a prophetic gift.  I attended The Call 2007, and began a Song of Songs relationship with my bridegroom, Jesus Christ. God taught me to dance in his presence.

The Beginning

This is story of the beginning of my ministry.  And yes, God said to call it “my ministry,” of course it’s really his, but I belong to him, body and soul and mind and Spirit, so I guess it amounts to the same thing.  Except that he wants it this way, of course, so it amounts to more.

The motto of Ann Elliott Ministries is “Display His Glory,” and the logo is peacock feathers.  I’ve been told that peacock feathers stand for vanity, but if God uses it to display his glory, then I’m not going to argue with Him.

When I was about 15, I think I had what must have a revelation of him, that it was the stupidest thing a person could do to fight against Almighty God.  It seemed crystal clear to me at that moment that a person couldn’t win against the Creator of The Universe.  And why would they want to anyway?

So this isn’t what I was going to start with.  But actually maybe it’s where I should start, because at that age God called me to something that I really had no clue of, and I said “Yes.” And he has remembered it ever since.

In that year, 1980, he gave me the verse that has since become the theme verse of IHOP, and I memorized it and never forgot it: One thing have I asked of the Lord, and that will I seek after, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in his temple.  He visited me in that year in a series of ways that have identified for me

SunMoonStarsd MLR Crop
Dream God’s Dreams

later when I encountered them, that I was in the main stream of what he was doing with the prophetic and revival movements of our generation.  But I had no idea what that was at the time, and they hadn’t been called out and made visible to society yet themselves.

I read through the old testament prophets and they became like real people to me.  And I wondered how God could ask a person to do the things he had them do.  And I read Isaiah’s encounter with God, and I answered with him, “Here am I, send me.”

It was all so long ago, and I have been waiting for that call to come all this time.  And so now it has, and I am writing this blog: The Beginning.