Stories of Ministry

Joh 17:22  And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:

Posted in Summer, 2019

Here are some stories from the last two years of ministry there.  May God receive all the glory for his great goodness!

Three weeks ago at church I walked by a woman who in our home worship meeting we had prayed for her father. She ran over and asked if I remembered her. Then told me her testimony. Her father had cancer. Now he is cancer free. She introduced me to her husband and said, “Your prayers are so powerful, so powerful.” Thank God for his encouragement. Praise God for his mighty healing power.

The first year I went to India (2017), the first night I preached in a little thatched roof church. As I was praying for people after the service a woman was carried in in a chair. After praying for her she got up and walked out on her own. Praise God for his goodness! (Two women who couldn’t walk were healed in that service,)  The little one room filled up until the floor was packed with people sitting, and people crowded around the door and the outside of the church to hear God’s word.  It is such a privilege to carry the gospel to the lost!

Last year when I went to India, while I was praying for people after the service, a woman carrying a baby came up to me and said (through an interpreter) “Last year you prayed for me to have a baby, and here is the baby God gave me.” Then she turned to a line of people standing behind her and said, “and here is my whole family who converted to Christ from Hinduism because they saw what God had done.”

Praying, Touching, and Anointing in the Name of Jesus.

Isn’t God wonderful? The effect of a miraculous answer to prayer over one year was household salvation. The moment of seeing this was unforgettable for me.

They all took pictures with me on their phones, but I didn’t get one on my phone. I wish I had one.

Then, after the woman with the baby, a woman came up and said, “You prayed for me last year, and I was healed.  And my whole family received Christ because I was healed.  They want to meet you.” She also had a row of people lined up behind her.  Her whole family were saved because God showed his miraculous healing power.  God is so good.  Watching what he does is like living in the book of Acts.

On the second night of outreach meetings in India two women were healed of psychological disorders.  They had been on medication for it.  I prayed for them and God healed them. They were well and didn’t need any medication any more.  God is a God of Breakthrough! 

In that same meeting two women were saved who lived next door to the church. They had been complaining that the church made too much noise and they wanted to stop the meeting. When they accepted Jesus they began to go to every prayer meeting. God makes our enemies to be at peace with us.

That night I also prayed for another woman.  She and her husband were Christians, but they were living in the husband’s parents’ home.  The wife was unable to sleep there.  She would get up and walk around the house at night because she couldn’t sleep.  She actually said she did not sleep there at all during the several years they had been married.  I prayed for her and heard later that she for two hours that first night, for the first time ever.  Then she slept progressively more each night until she was sleeping through the night.  God is so good.

On the last day of the 2017 conferences, God told me to preach about forgiveness. And he told me not to lay hands on anyone for healing. I preached about unforgiveness and its effects and the healing released through forgiveness. People were healed as I spoke and as I lead people to forgive anyone that had hurt them. Many people testified that they were healed in that meeting. I realized at the end of the meeting that I had held a healing meeting, just following the directions God gave me. God does that a lot with me. He tells me the steps, and I follow them. Later I see what he is working through it all.

Preaching the powerful Word of God

India, October, 2019

On Monday I preached about the power of the blood of Jesus. Many people came up to testify that they have been healed in the last few days. Women who have been going to the hospital and paying for medical care that couldn’t heal them, and whose children have been healed and who had asked God for babies, and God healed them.

There was a woman who came to three days of the conferences. She had scars and lines on her face so that were ugly and disfigured her face. She prayed that God would take them away, and by the second day they began to fade. By the third day they were totally gone and her skin was smooth and clear.

There is a woman that Pastor John knows who was having trouble with her marriage. Her husband had gone to Singapore to work and she hadn’t heard from him in five days. He wasn’t answering his phone or calling her. She said she wanted to commit suicide because she thought he was gone. Pastor John told her to come to the meetings, he told her that God would change her husband. She came, and the next day he called her and sent her money from his wages.

I thought, can you promise that? That someone’s husband will be changed? But that is what he told her, and God did the work. So I believe God is working in this way to Transform Lives.